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Hello there!  This is Kee Chuan, the story-teller of

This is my portfolio of royalty-free images and footage catered to the needs of bloggers and marketers.  Being in the marketing profession for over 20 years within the consumer goods markets across the South East Asia region has enabled me to anticipate and produce images that have the right commercial value for marketer’s needs. Many are real slice of life situations and were not staged.  Studio shot images with strong conceptual message are available too.

You can search through my portfolio using keywords, and review the images suggested.  The images are priced at a fair rate, starting from just US$1.99, and there is no complicated packages, credits, that is usually required if purchased through stock agencies. There is no minimum purchase quantity, so you can have the flexibility to purchase only the number of images that you need and need not be tied up-front with unnecessary spending.

We offer two licenses for the usage of the images  – One Time Use License and Extended License. Please ascertain the license needed and also take note of the permitted and prohibited usage. Footage are available in the near future in this site.

Purchasing is easy and safe and can be done with credit cards through the secure Paypal network.   Link to download the images/footage would be provided immediately via your registered email, after the payment is processed.  The images are competitively priced on this website and you are purchasing them directly from the author, hence getting good value.

Alternatively, the images are also available on Symzio, a contributor run agency that provide customers some of the most competitive pricing available.

If for some reasons you prefer to purchase my authored images and video footage from other leading micro-stock agencies (perhaps you have already committed a package with them, etc…), the following are the links will lead directly to the author’s portfolio.



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Pixta Stock

Shutterstock (Footages)

Pond5 (Footages)

VideoBlocks (Footages)

Hope the images and footage are able to assist you in your projects.  If exclusive images are needed, please drop us a note at “storyteller (at)”  If it is within our reach, we can tailor-make the images exclusively for your needs.  Thank you.